Serenade Me To Oblivion

by Invisible Dears

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'Serenade me to oblivion' is the eclectic debut EP from melbourne musician Thomas C. Baud aka Invisible Dears. Blending rich harmonies, diverse instrumentation, intricate guitar work and powerful lead Vocals 'Serenade me to oblivion' spans many familiar genres but in the end has made its own space of originality.


released November 15, 2013

Thomas C. Baud - Vox, guitar, ukelele, piano, bass, drums, aux percussion
Carrie Webster - Violin

All songs written by Thomas C. Baud*
*except - Mime: Thomas C. Baud, David Gayfer, Tijon Lolis
Walking the Cow: Daniel Johnston

Recorded at Fyffe Street Studios and The Love Shack Studios
Mixed by Jessica Bennett at the Love Shack Studios
Mastered by Adam Dempsey at Jack the Bear Studios
Copyright owned by Thomas C. Baud


all rights reserved



Invisible Dears Melbourne, Australia

Invisible Dears is the brainchild of Melbourne multi-instrumentalist and Singer/Songwriter Thomas C. Baud. Drawing inspiration from his musical upbringing, Invisible Dears is the culmination of Thomas’ Folk, Psychedelic and Rock roots.

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Track Name: I Will Never Know
Do I entertain the thought?
How long do I have? Until Papa Gede says
Man you have to come with me
Lift you weary soul
It's over
any final words?

You, ever me, ever me, couldn't see the spirit for the sun

So I started tripping out on all the people that I know
Save me, never let me go
And will they feel my presence while I'm in the river styx?
Don't tell me, I will never know

You, ever me, ever me, couldn't see the spirit for the sun

Amongst the gallows of the void
And rickets of the soul
That I will never know

Until I'm desired to return to the other side
It will only be then I realise, life is the other side
Track Name: Be Mine
Good morning sunshine,
What happened to your rainy day?
Starved by moonshine
Leave it all now be mine
Say that you'll be
with me when we're smouldering
come with me babe
with me, where the wild things are

To irritate, to come around this time
all for me

To make you Mine
To be Mine

Good morning sunshine
What happened to you rainy day?
Scarred by your ghosts
raving we'll be alright
ashamed of my veins
going out of style
you might leave me someday
that's ok my concubine

to irritate, to come around this time
all for me

To make you mine
To be mine

All my friends are dead beyond words to me
And for what it's worth, I miss you
For what it's worth, to me
Track Name: Mime
Mime, Mime
Mime, Mime
Mime the song that's sung to you
Mime the song that's sung to you

Coz there'll be a time, there'll be a time
When you sing that song to someone's ear
to someone's ear, someone's ear
As you look into, look into, those eyes miming why?

But don't be afraid, don't be afraid to lose
Your sense of mind, or the feeling your alive,
Coz we dream of you and cyanide too
We dream of you, dream of you

Mime, Mime
Mime, Mime
Mime the song thats sung to you,
Mime the song that's sung to you
Track Name: Libraries On Fire
Gaping holes start to show
All the burning ways
The smouldering souls still sing
But the sounds decayed

Like libraries on fire

The vicious moulds that caste their stones
all look the same
Full and loud, deafening
But it's empty space

Like libraries on fire

The songs of old, the tales they tell will be lost
like sweeping decks on a sinking ship
with no port in sight

Like libraries on fire
Track Name: 2010 A.D.
I know, I know, I know it seems inane
But I'm caught in thoughts and taunts I can't allay
Amongst haunts and friends I once called my abode
for a minute I could rest my head on shoulders that I'd know

But everyone and everything has changed
And the monster that plagues me remains the same
So at the end of every god damn day
Well I guess I, drink myself to death because I'm lonely

Serenade me to oblivion
under barbituate duress I'm sure
that I'll be, I'll be awake for too long
Or is that the theatre of my dreams?
I could be wrong

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